TYPES OF STUDENTS IN CLASS || Funny Situations In School by 123 GO!

19.11.2020 г.
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When it comes to learning, we all have different ways of handling things. Which type of student are you? Did you see yourself in any of these student types? Whether you’re a teacher’s pet or a pencil-chewer, there’s no denying that school can sometimes be the pits! Share this with your favorite classmates to give them a laugh. Be sure to subscribe to our BGaudio channel so you never miss out on the fun!
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  • You Should add how classes should be vs real livethen make a crazy Class in Real life like if they should

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  • I'm the type where I don't believe in myself

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  • There’s only 3 kids in class

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  • I'm kinda of the second student because I'm not in high school or college so I'm like a 4th grader so we don't let C, A, F, A-, F-, C- so yeah

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  • I think sophia was a old lady because in his face some wrinkals I see

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    • @Brielle’s World That's probably why they don't use their voices. But that is cool!!

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